Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home-Ec in Real Life

Next year, when I get a great idea for a Christmas gift to make everyone, and buy the supplies in July and have everything set up to start working WHENEVER, I need to start actually working on the gifts prior to a few weekends before Christmas.


I like how all the pillows turned out in the end. The last one was finished at about 10:30 pm on December 23rd.


So, there's the sewing. For cooking, here's some eye candy:


I suppose I collect herbs, spices, and seasonings, too. That's an ELFA over-the-door storage system, which will definitely be coming with us if we ever move. Those larger spice containers in the fourth and fifth rows from the top are from Valli Produce, and cost something ridiculous like $2.39 each. Some not pictured are in the wings to refill the smaller bottles and canisters - so the contents of the Kroger canisters are not all from when I lived in Terre Haute.


There aren't many photos of the photographer


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