Friday, January 29, 2010

I Hadn't Seen One of These Before

We saw this in the distance off to the north, after walking up to the St. Louis fort in Marigot, St. Martin. B thought it was a water spout. It did start raining once those clouds got to where we were, about two minutes before we got back to the hotel.


The "Chewbacca Rock" was on an overlook point on another hill we hiked up in St. Martin, at Loterie Farm. B and I were joking about how we tend to "find a hill and climb it" whenever we go on a vacation. Maybe it is because we don't see hills with views in our day to day lives in the Chicago suburbs.



As usual, clicking on the pictures will take you to the Flickr page and you can see the rest of the album. There are photos of B and I, but you've got to be my friend or family on Flickr to see them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


First, full disclosure: I was sent four free tickets for admission to LEGOLAND Chicago, as a result of either my previous blog posts or some email conversations with the promotional staff. So, K, R, D, and I were not spending our own money to wander around this morning. We almost made up for it in the gift shop, though.

Here's my favorite picture - poor Batman doesn't know what he's in for:


Little Santas had taken over the Chicago skyline and appeared to be rioting in the streets below:


Upstairs in the open-play area they had these huge soft bricks, almost like a ball pit, but actually usable to built things with:


One main objective of the trip was to take engagement photos for D and R while they were in town for New Years. Their wedding date is 3/14, Pi day, and there will be Pie. So if you are a friend of mine on Flickr and are looking through the album, that should explain the various "cute couple" poses and the engagement ring on top of the LEGO pie. All other nonsense will remain unexplained.


There aren't many photos of the photographer


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