Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I attended a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator training today, where they handed out the results of our personality tests. It even went to Step II, so now I can identify myself as an "Accepting, Open-Ended ENTJ". Those first two descriptors represent where I tested "out of preference" by not completely fitting into the classic description of the ENTJ. But some points made in the provided literature are SO true. For example, I "readily see illogical and inefficient procedures and feel a strong urge to correct them." Yup.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day

I made my own snow day today. We are on a 9-80 schedule at work, and this Friday would have been an off day. The weather forecast was very scary last night and this morning, so I decided to stay home today and go into work on Friday instead. I've been able to get a bunch of stuff crossed off my giant to-do list, so that is nice. Plus, I just got a call from the choir director: they've canceled the church service for the evening because of the snow. It has been rescheduled, so we will be having an Ash Thursday service tomorrow instead.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering why suddenly there were so many more Democratic ballots cast in Illinois for the primary election yesterday, I've got your answer. Illinois lets you choose whatever ballot you want to use for the primary. Heck, they even had a Green party ballot this year! I know a LOT of Republican-leaning people who decided that their vote was worth more to help a certain Democratic candidate get more delegates than a certain other Democratic candidate.


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