Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Plans so Far

At the risk of inviting the Internet to my house, is anyone interested in visiting on Memorial Day weekend? I'm told there will be at least two grilling instances, one involving a whole chicken. Local and not-so-local friends are welcome - just let me know.

Later in the summer (dates TBD) B and I are going to take a trip to Cedar Point. We love roller coasters, and this is supposed to be the best park for those. The plan is to drive out on a Sunday, visit the park on a Monday and Tuesday, and drive back on a Wednesday. Does that sound like fun to anyone else? We could coordinate a convergence on the park, and stay in the same hotel. After-park parties could also be planned. (aka stop at an adult-beverage store on the way back to the hotel)

Today I got the approval to go to PTC/USER world conference. It runs from 6/7/09 to 6/10/09 in Orlando, FL. I've signed up for a nearly full agenda of seminars, training, and workshops. All of the sessions I'm taking are about Pro/ENGINEER. We've only had the upgrade to Wildfire 4 for a few weeks, so I have tons of questions. I'll be in "information sponge" mode. When I get back I'll be squeezing all that information into presentations and hints-n-tricks documents for the rest of our users. Seriously, I'm going to have fun doing this. This is what I do for fun. Really.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rabbit Photos


This rabbit was hanging out in our backyard for a long while tonight. I took pictures - they should be enough cute to get you through the rest of the week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, Right, I Have a Blog

100th post, if you like round numbers in the base ten system that is kind of cool. I'm not going to write about anything special or monumental, just some disjointed thoughts and news items.

The herbs in pots in the kitchen are growing well. Much better than expected. At some point I will actually start using them to cook, but I didn't want to cut anything off so soon after transplanting.

The iPod touch (or iPhoney as I call it if I screw up and start referring to it as an iPhone) is both a monumental waste of time and a useful tool. I got an FM transmitter for the car so I'm actually listening to an hour of good music every day. The Genius playlist feature is now my friend.

I messed up a recent yarn purchase by not realizing that "one skein" listed on the pattern meant "one skein PER SOCK." Oops.

Just today I extricated myself from a major commitment at work that I wasn't really able to spend any time on, and wasn't excited about anymore. The relief I feel at having this burden lifted makes up for any lingering guilt about quitting the task. Also, I was reassured that I was NOT single-handedly holding up everything, as I had feared.

The Chase Corporate Challenge is next week on Thursday. I haven't spent any time running recently, so I'm planning to take it at a brisk walk. We'll see what actually happens.


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