Monday, July 2, 2007

Harry Potter in Montreal

Vacation plans for this year are shaping up. We've got tickets to Montreal (AA frequent flyer miles = Canada for the same rate as domestic) and a reservation at a hotel. Generally the rest of the details about what we'll be doing are best left to "whatever we feel like" but this time I've got to take care of one more item. I will be in Montreal for the release of Harry Potter book 7.

I hadn't read any of the HP books before the 6th one came out. So last time I didn't care. But this time, I want that book as soon as physically possible. If I wasn't travelling, I would pre-order at Borders or Barnes & Noble and go to the midnight release party. Now, I've got to put some more thought into this. The easy way out would be to order from and have it delivered to the hotel. But I'm worried about the logistics of that, and ruining all of Saturday waiting around for the package to show up.

No, I still want the book on Friday night. Which I will then start reading immediately and not stop until I finish. I read quick, so this should be over before lunchtime on Saturday. I need to find somewhere that is open at midnight, is selling books in ENGLISH, and will not charge me full price. So far, the internet has failed me. I may need to start making phone calls.

(It does look like if I buy the book in Canada, I'll get one of the British-style covers. Should I go for the adult cover or the children's cover?)


  1. Hey ... I don't know you, I was just googling around to find midnight showings of HP5 in Montreal, thought I would lend some friendly advice. The Chapters bookstore in Pointe-Claire (where I work) is planning a huge midnight event for the release of the last book. Crazy decorations are already up. Activities, costumes, contests, barbecue in the afternoon, HP-themed drinks at Starbucks are planned for the night of. The store has sold the most pre-ordered copies IN CANADA. I was there for HP6 and it was loads of fun, and I'll be working at the Starbucks for HP7.

    If you're staying in downtown Montreal it's a bit of a trek, probably about a 20 min. cab ride or an hour on the bus, but it's well worth it, believe me.

    Oh, and pre-ordering is super easy, just call the store (514-428-5500), pre-orders get 20% off. Email me if I can help you with anything (

  2. hey! im an HP fan like you, go to :


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