Saturday, August 18, 2007

Classic College Humor

Going through old files, I found a clipping from the Rose Thorn's humor page. A news article on the back of the paper dates from 10/24/97, so this would be from Freshman year for all of us from the class of 2001. Author is unknown:

"So, what are you going to major in? Find your match with the Rose Thorn's Guide to the Majors"

Applied Optics- Can't see past your glasses because they're "just so darn interesting."

Chemistry- Looks under a sink and immediately figures out how to build a bomb.

Chemical Engineer- Leans over Chemistry major to tighten pipes.

Civil Engineering- Fascinated with asphalt or dirt.

Computer Science- Writes an IRC chat program to talk to roommate.

Computer Engineering- Can't decide who to hate more: Intel or Microsoft

Economics- Commits white collar crimes as a class project

Electrical Engineer- Stores static electricity in capacitors for "special occasions."

Mathematics- Does taxes in Base 11

Mechanical Engineering- Decides that all joints are to be connected by duct tape.

Physics- Arrested on behalf of the Humane society for performing the Schrodinger's Cat experiment.

That's it. For those of you familiar with Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology today, you might not have known that in 1997 the list of available majors was a lot shorter. We hadn't even won that U.S. News #1 ranking yet. Our laptops had CD drives (not burners, and not DVD drives) that you had to swap with the floppy drive, and no USB ports. The drama club practiced on stage in the old auditorium with the rifle team practicing in the audience. (The old auditorium is now the home of the CS department, which used to be located in the basement of the library.) A lot changed on campus in 10 years!

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  1. No kidding a lot has changed!

    Thanks for the trip.



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