Thursday, December 20, 2007

Five Pounds Down

Remember that post a while back about the really long walk, and the fall colors? Well, a few days later I twisted my leg funny while wearing high heeled boots at work. I took about three weeks before it felt normal enough to exercise again, but by then I had gained about five pounds. Yuck. I was NOT happy.

Since about March of this year I've really been trying to reverse the direction of slow and steady weight gain that was happening to me. I'm in great physical shape, unless you look at my weight or my body fat percentage. Both are higher than they should be, in the "health risk" section of the charts for my height (5'5") and gender. The American Heart Association No Fad Diet didn't help me lose any weight, but the lifestyle changes did succeed in leveling off the number on the scale. As long as I exercised, I was pretty good at balancing things to stay at steady state.

But steady state isn't my goal, and gaining more was not fun. So the week before Thanksgiving, I joined Weight Watchers. I've been going to local meetings, following the Core plan, and spending longer in the gym. Result: today, five weeks in to this effort, I have lost 5.4 lbs. I'm really happy about that!

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