Thursday, January 10, 2008

Road ID

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a gift card from my parents to They sell laser-engraved ID products that you can wear in several different ways. I bought the ankle ID, and since there was some money left on the gift card I also got a wrist strap and a shoe pouch. The stainless steel ID token can be switched between the different products.

It came in the mail this week, and I'm very happy with the quality of the items. I haven't actually used it yet, considering I'm not addicted enough to running to be outside in this weather. But I know I'll use it all the time when spring gets here.

I've got my name, birth date, town, state, zip, country, two phone numbers for Brian, one phone number for Jessie, contact lens warning, and NKA listed on the tag. I decided to get the regular rather than the online version. My main reasoning there was that I sometimes run or walk in places without cell phone coverage, and it would defeat the purpose of the ID if the emergency responders can't get to the information.

Oh, and there are super-reflective strips on the band, so this actually counts as a shiny object. It only took me a year to get around to mentioning one...


  1. That's pretty cool gadget-wise. What are your thoughts on this philosophically?

    I can't decide if I want my loved ones at my hospital bed or not... if I even make it to a hospital next time.

  2. Wow, is that a quote from somewhere or is that what you are thinking? I disagree with the idea of denying my loved ones any opportunity to say goodbye before I pass. Maybe it is because of the two co-workers who died this year: Myke and John. Myke was the subject of an earlier post, he died in a car accident. John passed away from advanced cancer only three weeks after it was diagnosed. Even though John is no longer with us, I think the three weeks gave his family and friends a chance at closure. With Myke, I'm not sure his close friends and family will be able to completely heal: he left work for the weekend and didn't come back on Monday.

    I like the Road ID philosophically because otherwise, if something happened while I was running or walking, I'd be a Jane Doe at the hospital. I want them to call Brian or Jessie to find out quickly if they can use certain treatments, or even that, yes, I do have insurance. The primary goal is to get better and get out of the hospital, not to call loved ones to my side for company.

    There is also the added dimension of it being a gift from my parents. I had first heard about the Road ID through some advertising materials handed out in the race packet for the Dundee Road Race. I think I even went to the website, but didn't buy anything at that time. Getting the gift certificate from a loved one made me think more about the implications of "what if I'm hurt and no one knows?" It was also a great example of how my family shows its love: by worrying about me!

  3. Sorry to be morbid.

    You know me, accident prone and far from home. It comes up when I get spooked, but I just don't think about the risks on a daily basis.

    I never have good answers on this - thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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