Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DVD Release

They finished producing a DVD of that play I directed at work back in December. And guess what, I'm allowed to show it to family and friends! So I'll definitely be taking it home when I go back to NJ for the weekend of March 29th for my brother's senior recital.

My iPod has been very nice to have at work, to help keep me focused while churning out piles of drawings. But just putting it on shuffle was a little too, um, random. So I put together a smart playlist called "Unheard of" which has these criteria:
-Play Count < 1
-Rating is not 1 star (this is how I flag songs I never want to hear again and will eventually delete)
-Genre is not 9 Books/Spoken/Language (I've narrowed genres down to 9 broad categories. This one is the "not music" flag.)
-Limit to 500 most recently added

I then listen to this playlist on shuffle, and have fun hearing all the unfamiliar music.

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