Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Worldwide Inconvenience

Ugh. I just got off the phone with Discover Card. I had logged in to my account to pay my bill online, and was greeted with the message that my account number had been changed. Curious, I called their customer service line.

They have actually changed the account number for EVERYONE with a Discover Card. EVERYONE. Now I, and everyone else, have to call all the places I have automatic billing through the Discover card, and tell them my new account number. And I've got to log in to all the websites that know my credit card number, and update it. IF I can remember all of them. Now Discover Card does say that they have "made an attempt" to contact all of the automatic billing places to update the numbers. But they still say that we need to "call to verify" that merchants have the corrected numbers. And since EVERYONE is calling to do the same thing, good luck getting through.

Also, the rep said they only did this for MONTHLY billing places. So those yearly subscription renewals, or occasional purchases (IPASS, for one), haven't been contacted at all. I'm planning to go through my last two years' yearly summary report to catch all possible merchants.

Look for your new card in the mail, I guess. Yeesh.

1 comment:

  1. As you're going through the process, you might want to set up a tag in your address book for all of those contacts. I used "creditcardchange" as my tag for the credit card. I also have addresschange, emailchange, cellchange, checkingchange, etc, etc, etc... That way I have a smart filter on my address book program that I can simply click and there's a list of everybody I need to update it with.


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