Tuesday, January 6, 2009

High-Quality Yoga Tools

If you have a chance to try Yoga, you should. Most gyms offer classes, the Wii Fit has a good introduction, and of course there are DVDs for sale/rent/loan everywhere. I got my first tastes from a DVD, took my first "live" classes at my former gym, and I'm now taking (free!) classes at work. A few years ago I even took an all-inclusive yoga vacation at Kripalu after a really stressful project phase was over.

I've shredded a "deluxe" yoga mat after a few years of use. When it started leaving bits of foam on the floor and on me after a session, I decided it was time to replace the poor thing. One instructor would talk about his Manduka mat, so I looked into it. Amazon reviews were positive, so I ordered one. I'm very happy with it so far, and highly recommend it once you know you'll be doing yoga for a while.

The bare-feet aspect of yoga is uncomfortable to me, so I've also tried a few solutions to that over the years. (Leaving your regular socks on is too slippery.) First, I used shoes left over from parent-mandated jazz dance class. Then, I found yoga shoes (by Nike) on clearance at a sporting good store. Neither of these let me spread out my toes or put my fingers between my toes, which is actually part of some poses. Solution? Amazon Search! These ToeSox (yoga/pilates version) do work very well, with the added bonus of being machine washable.

Finally, if you are looking at yoga props, I'd suggest getting a cork block instead of a foam block, and a cotton strap (or other natural material) instead of a plastic-based strap. Cork feels more stable, and cotton feels soft instead of sharp. Target's sporting goods section is a good place to find yoga stuff like this.

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  1. You see, we knew those shoes would come in handy some day


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