Saturday, June 13, 2009

Resisting Twitter

This is a test to see how well mobile blogging of short ideas goes
from my iPod. I'm slightly interested in Twitter, but I've already
got this blog I rarely post to. So, rather than add another page my
parents have to go to read how I'm doing, I'll try updating this one
more often.


  1. Got my father's day shirt today by the way.

    Very nice, thanks

    I'm guessing the binary code is for SOS, but haven't looked it
    up in my KRC book yet.

  2. According to the ThinkGeek product description it says "DAD" but I did not independently verify. And there should have been two shirts?

  3. Yes, I got both. The binary codes and the ghostbuster mobile chasing the pac-men.

    DAD makes sense of course. Since the 2 binary code were separated by 3(base 10), and D - A == 3, that must be it.


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