Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cedar Point

Our new favorite amusement park ride of all time is the Millennium Force roller coaster. We rode it five times over our two days at Cedar Point. Perfect dynamics, great views of the lake, fast line, secure hip-bar restraints, and occasional tunnels add up to a ride I always left smiling.

On our last ride of the second day, which we did on the Millennium Force towards the back of the train, I overheard a great conversation. A boy, maybe 10 years old, had dragged his mother to sit in the row in front of us. As we waited to board, she was expressing concern about being so far back - the back of the train goes over hills much faster than the front of the train, and I kind of picked up that she wasn't a fan of that. But, they stayed one row ahead of us anyway. As the train got to the very top of the first hill, I heard this:
Kid: "Can I cuss?"
His Mom: "Yes."
Kid: "sSHHIIIiiiii...."

Our second favorite ride is the Top Thrill Dragster. Due to maintenance issues closing the ride several times each day, we were only able to ride three times. Twice in the front row, once in the second row, so I had a good view of the track in front of me. Well, at least until my vision blurred from the extreme launch speed. Dragster is all speed and height, over so fast you don't feel like you even blinked, but etched into memory like it happened in slow motion. Highly recommended.

And, for all of you readers who "grew up near Cedar Point" and "went there all the time growing up" know that I am extremely jealous. We WILL be back, oh yes, we will.

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