Monday, February 1, 2010


I finally canceled my free membership. They are no longer relevant now that we have facebook, and their most recent privacy policy update was concerning to me.

I also sent in my cancellation notice for my L.A. Fitness gym membership. A new fitness center has opened up at work. It is free, convenient, and I won't fear for my personal safety. (That comment is about the parking lot at our specific L.A. Fitness, not meant to be a joke about the unfortunate murders in a different state.)

I un-joined facebook and Ravelry groups I don't care about much, unsubscribed from marketing email lists, (except for the ones that send good coupons), lightened up my Google Reader subscription list, cleaned out my iPod apps, and cleared some of the mail off the dining room table.

It feels nice, like I'm a little lighter.

1 comment:

  1. very inspiring! I have to do the same now! Just started reading your your crocheted pieces! I'm a knitter and a crocheter- though I haven't gotten so hooked on ravelry...yet. :)


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