Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Easily Amused

Today's post is a collection of small things that have amused me. I also wanted to thank "random task" (who?), angel, and sarah for responding to my previous post. I have already emailed the organizer, and yes, he is a male. No response yet...

1) A Jiffy Lube near work would have a message on its sign announcing that Tuesday was "LADIES' DAY $19.95". Recent road construction that obviously makes it difficult to get to, and therefore less busy, had prompted the sign to change to say "HUMANS' DAY $19.95".

2) My favorite church-sign cheesy saying ever, also seen on the way to work: "GOD WANTS SPIRITUAL FRUITS, NOT RELIGIOUS NUTS"

3) While walking in downtown San Jose, CA, with a coworker after a business meeting, I watched a swarm of bicycle cops surround a kid and one take him to the ground in a headlock. We turned around and walked the other direction.

4) During small-talk time after a trans-Atlantic video-teleconference this morning, the Scottish people we were talking with mentioned that they heard we had a "bit of trouble" with our marathon. Yes, yes we did. (I know Scott in person. I've not met Barb, but she commented on my post about Myke and I've been reading her blog since then.)

5) I'm 20 rows into my first non-rectangular crochet project, and I've spent more time untangling yarn then actually crocheting. I have NEVER had this much trouble before with tangles forming when working from a skein. I'm using Lion Brand Micro Spun, which is softer and smoother than any other yarn I've used before. Perhaps the physics of yarn explains how the smoothness is letting loops form easier and slip into knots more often? The next skein will be preemptively wound into a tight ball before use.

6) The Lean Cuisine I had for lunch today listed the "percent chicken" at the end of the ingredients list. The really scary thing? It was to three significant figures.

7) Also near work: a Psychic Reader's office. Next to a State Farm Insurance office. Which one sends more business to the other?

8) Something I work on is mentioned in this press release.

9) I found a way to use up the 8+ year old bottle of Peachtree Schnapps that has been taking up space in our liquor cabinet. Thanks, Disaronno! (Look under Shots and Shooters, it is called the Fuzzy Italian.)

10) Nigel, our cat, now enjoys water. He drinks from the tub faucet when we let it drip, and he stands in the tub after we've showered. It is still very strange to pick up a wet cat.

And yes, I know I haven't posted the script yet, or the photos yet, or anything all that important recently. Humor me.


  1. LITENING AT = Very very cool. :-)

    I just had a conversation with Sarah about what she was wearing to her 10 year reunion this weekend two days ago. Same questions, I think she's going with a nice long wool skirt and sweater combo. Given the weather it seemed a good compromise. What Kevin was wearing of course was much easier, similar to Brian....

    My 10 year quasi-reunion November 3rd will be much easier because it's a BBQ in somebody's back yard. :-) Don't know how many people will be showing up, but as far as I'm concerned if it's just me, the family that's hosting, and a couple of our close friends I'd be all right with that.

    Thank you for the link to your friend's marathon blog! It's amazing how similar our experiences were. On a side note I do know of people who were quite a bit behind me at the point the race was called who finished... I can't say I blame them too much, but at the same time I feel that they really cheated the medical personel. Yes it sucks to have the race called, but if, on the off chance that something had happened they would have been in serious trouble.

  2. RE: item #1
    call me cynical, but I was assuming they changed it from "ladies day" to "humans day" because someone complained.

    RE: item #7
    Also the optician in the same building had a sign with creepy disembodied eyes for a while.


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