Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What do I Wear?

Hillsborough High School (NJ) ten-year reunion is on October 20th. That's cool, but what do I wear? The party is in a nice hotel banquet area, but the invitation (actually an Evite) doesn't give a clue about how we are to dress. If you are from HHS class of 1997, what type of outfit are you going to wear to the reunion? I can't tell how formal of a gathering it is supposed to be. My husband can wear a suit, and remove the jacket and tie if that is too much, but it is a bit more of a production to change dresses in the bathroom if I guess wrong, you know?


  1. I'm certainly not from the HHS class of 97, but my suggestion is "basic black." Then you'll look stunning no matter what. If you want to have giant jewelry in your purse to dress it up if needed, go for it.

  2. Did the Evite have a primary contact attached to it? Is there someone organizing it that you can ask?

    I've never set up an Evite before, but I assume the creator can edit one after submitting it. Who knows — maybe you could save someone else the dilemma! =)

  3. I had the same question. I wore a black skirt and striped short sleeved blouse. In the end, about half the people were in jeans and about half were wearing slacks/skirts. I was worried about feeling over dressed, but it really didn't matter.

    I was going to email the organizer as Angel suggested, but never quite got around to it.


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