Sunday, March 1, 2009

Abbreviated Trip Report

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Cozumel was AMAZING. I managed to spend time actually relaxing on an actual beach with an actual tropical drink in my hand. San Miguel is a vibrant, friendly town, fun during the day and still hopping at night. We got to see one of the Carnival parades on our last night there. Hotel Flamingo worked out really well for us. We will NEVER go on a cruise, based on the behavior of the passengers on land and our reaction to a particularly rough ferry ride.

I spoke some Spanish, and some Spanglish, but mostly English. Getting pesos out of the ATM and using those instead of USD saved us a lot of money. Plus, we realized that a bottle of beer was cheaper than a bottle of water at restaurants. I ate fish, shrimp, fish wrapped in banana leaf, shrimp stuffed inside a chile relleno, fish tacos, guacamole, and "Mexican salsa, very hot." You'll even see a few pictures of the cats at the seafood restaurants, begging at the tables for scraps.

We spent one day on the mainland and took a Collectivo (shared taxi) to see the Tulum ruins. There were iguanas all over the place. In the evening we walked down the main drag of Playa Del Carmen. There were Europeans all over the place.

Overall a great vacation - I'd seriously consider going back again to do some things we missed.

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